An Original Real Estate Experience for a New Generation

The Real Estate Industry today is in the midst of seismic market shifts. The traditional real estate business model is missing out on the changing consumer market is quickly losing its ability to provide efficient and relevant results as it clings to old paradigms that have traditionally been good for the real estate professional but costly and disarming for the consumer.

Tech companies like Zillow and Trulia have challenged the industry and have provided consumer-based deliverables, empowering the consumer base and greatly improving on the efficiency and relevance of the traditional real estate business model but they have fallen short in their ability to provide knowledgeable and trustworthy services like accurate value estimates and do not build the relationship needed for a smooth and reassuring transaction for the consumer. Unfortunately, they have also been seen within the industry as adversaries because their services stem from outside the realtor community. While they continue to fight an uphill battle within the realtor community, we believe that it’s time to take the best of both of these worlds and create a realtor-based business model that continues to empower the consumer with results that are simultaneously relevant and efficient as well as knowledgeable, trustworthy and ethical.

Enter Origen.

Origen Realty is an original real estate experience for a new generation built on the principles of efficiency, relevance, knowledge, trust and a strong ethical regard. Let Origen’s collaborative model bring you a new experience in real estate that values your own needs and goals and equips you for success in your investments and homeownership.

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