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  If your goals for next year include purchasing a home, you can adjust your budget to have a more affordable tax bill that first year! Last Friday the Texas House of Representatives passed a bill that will provide property tax relief to Texas homeowners. Senate Bill 8 will allow a homeowner to receive a … Continued

Rain Tree in Mont Belvieu, TX

                                                      Construction has started in Rain Tree, a new subdivision zoned to Barbers Hill Independent School District with prices ranging from $241,000 to $286,000. Lots in this neighborhood are … Continued

River Farms in Mont Belvieu, TX

                    Construction is well under way in phase 3 of the popular River Farms subdivision. Residents of River Farms enjoy a beautiful neighborhood with low tax rates and zoning to the highly-acclaimed Barbers Hill Independent School District. Origen Realty recently met with the folks at K. … Continued


  The recent arctic blast has sadly left thousands of homeowners across the state with busted water pipes, in many cases creating extensive property damage. If you’re under contract to buy or sell a home that has been damaged, you may be wondering how to proceed. Texas real estate contracts contain language to address this. … Continued

How to File your Homestead Exemption

  If you purchased a home in 2020 (or purchased a home that you’ve never filed an exemption for) it’s time to file your homestead exemption! A homestead exemption can provide significant savings on your annual property taxes. The deadline to file is April 30, so don’t miss out! The amount of savings varies depending … Continued

COVID-19: How Will It Affect the Housing Market?

  Are you in the market to buy or sell real estate and wondering how the Coronavirus is going to affect the market? Should you move forward or press pause? The short answer is that no one has a crystal ball and can say for certain. Even the world’s  most equipped expert economists failed to … Continued

MythBusters: Origen Realty Edition

  Anytime a company breaks the mold and disrupts a process that hasn’t changed in decades, you can expect at least a few critics and skeptics. Enter Myth Busters OG Edition! The undeniable truth that a lot of agents won’t address is that technology in recent years has immeasurably lightened the load of a real … Continued

You Deserve Options (because one size doesn’t fit all)

A year ago, Origen Realty took a major leap forward in serving you by unveiling our flat fee/full service listing option. While most flat fee agencies discount their rates and offer less in the way of service, at the OG we chose to offer you more. Video drone tours and block parties were just some … Continued

Sell For Less

Origen Realty is excited to announce a new listing program for 2018. List your home with Origen and only pay $5000 in listing fees. In today’s market, you might wonder why selling a $100,000 home might cost $6,000 but a $500,000 home might cost up to $30,000 to sell, when the services a seller receives … Continued

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