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Origen Realty is excited to announce a new listing program for 2018. List your home with Origen and only pay $5000 in listing fees.

In today’s market, you might wonder why selling a $100,000 home might cost $6,000 but a $500,000 home might cost up to $30,000 to sell, when the services a seller receives should be exactly the same, right? Well, at Origen Realty, we actually agree with you. That’s why we are building an original real estate experience for a new generation of sellers and buyers.

In this digital age, sellers have become increasingly more educated and empowered in real estate. Web-based services can give sellers direct access to promote their homes but fall short in their ability to provide knowledgeable and trustworthy services like accurate value estimates, which can undercut a seller’s potential profits, and they don’t build the relationship needed for a smooth and reassuring transaction for the consumer. However, sellers also know that working with an agent to get their home into MLS can cost them huge portions of their equity due to the traditional percentage-based commission structure. Until now, the only other real choice was to go with a discount brokerage where sellers end up with a cut rate job for a cut rate price. 

Now there is a third option: Origen Realty. Origen believes in giving sellers the same 5-star service they’ve come to expect from us: professional photography, video and drone tours, detailed and strategic marketing services and data you can trust, all for only $5,000. That’s it. Hang onto your equity, don’t give it away. Whether your house is worth $100,000 or $500,000 (or more!)- list with Origen and get 5-star service for only $5000.

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Origen Realty: An original real estate experience for a new generation.

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